The Ultimate Guide: Flowers For Every Season

From summer, autumn, winter to spring, each season brings with it a distinct atmosphere with its own set of colours. Match the moods of your favourite seasons with different floral colour palettes. Curated from warm tones, cool tones and neutral tones, let these gorgeous flowers paint the seasons for you right at home.

Flowers For Spring / Spring Flowers

Birds chirping heartily and flowers in full bloom. The song of spring awakens all, basking the scenery in light, feathery sunshine and melting any remnants of ice. Hopeful colours paint a new beginning, and a golden time. Flowers for spring come in soft hues of freshness that gently marks new life.

Colours of Spring: Pastel Yellow, Saffron, White, Soft Pink, Peach Beige, Periwinkle/Light Blue
Flowers: Cala Lily, Carnations, Tulip, Sunflower, Trumpet Lily, Buttercup, Tuberose, Anthorium, Gladiolas.

Flowers For Summer / Summer Flowers

Think bright, clear blue skies, unforgettable road trips, tropical adventures and splashes of great fun in the heat. It’s the season of sandy beaches, refreshing watermelon juice, perky tunes and sunglasses to match. Summer flowers bring the sunshine into the yard with energetic hues and vivid shades that are almost zestful.

Colours of Summer: Deep Red, Bright Orange, Yellow
Flowers: Peony, David Austin Rose, Hydrangea, Holland Carnation, Allium, Marigold, Begonia, Sunflower.

Flowers For Autumn / Autumn Flowers

Imagine autumn leaves slowly falling all around you, a casual cycle round the quiet streets and a slight breeze of nostalgic moments. Flowers for autumn carry with it a subtle yet beautiful loneliness. Like the crinkled pages of books in massive libraries or the dazed colours of a glorious autumn sunset.

Colours of Autumn: Auburn, Saffron, Maroon, Brown, Beige
Flowers: Cappuccino Rose, Carnation, Sunset Tulip, Coralie Dahlia.

Flowers For Winter / Winter Flowers

Experience a dreamy winter with the endless horizon of white. Snowflakes cascading down into the bed of snow as sparse pine trees lend an entrance into the deep woods. The serendipitous discovery of a tiny cottage in the midst of a winter wonderland, with cozy puffs of smoke escaping its little chimney. Flowers for winter are expressed with a subtle yet beautiful loneliness. There’s something quite dynamic even if their stark colours render an icy coldness.

Colours of Winter: White, Navy, Muted Blue
Flowers: Echinops, Eryngium, Hydrangea, Tuberose.